Auto Service SN Cone

Magnet seat, put on roof during service to identify service category by color and number


Service SN Cone-01


Automotive Service SN Cone is designed for workshop service management. Put the cone on the roof, makes it easy to know current situation of every service section. The color and number will define the service item, and person in charge will know it just by one glance. Take color for example, workshop manager can appoint White Color as usual maintenance check, and Serial Number will show how many of car are making this item currently.


Service SN Cone-02

 Size and Material:

Size: 10 X 11.5 X 12 cm

Material: PP + EVA + Magnet seat

Option: cap, logo, color


Service SN Cone-03


Plenty options for color

Magnet seat with protection surface

Flexible logo design and print, fashionable appearance

Special managing board can be provided with charge