Eagle Will International Trade Company Limited

Specialized in Automotive industry for channels, sources. Sincerely welcome customers from all kind of fields to get win-win cooperation.

Chinese Brand Automotive

We can supply automotive of Chinese brands, including SUV, Sedan, Pickup, Light Truck, Heavy Truck, Bus, etc.

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Special Refitting Vehicle

We can supply special refitted vehicle, which is not available from vehicle manufacturers,such as VIP Business Bus, Prisoner Bus, Medical Examine Bus, Digital Communication Bus, Mobile Power Station, Mobile Library, etc;

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Vehicle Main Component Assembly

Plenty of vehicle main component assembly is available from us, especially for Chinese brands, such as engine, transmission, axle, retarder, etc

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Consuming Automotive Parts

We can supply consuming vehicle parts for all kind of vehicles, such as brake pad, bake disc, battery, sensor, filter, etc. Also required homologation can be achieved, such as ECE, CCC, Ghost, GCC, etc.

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Auto 4S Station Demands

We are specialized in providing 4S and Service Station parts and equipments, including Service Identification Cone, Service Panel, Oil Drainer, Lifter, etc.

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One Station Cooperation

China is a big country with plenty of creative products, can meet all kinds of demands from the whole world. We can provide service to meet all kind of demands from our customers.

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