Chinese Automotive Trade

With development of Chinese automotive industry, it will be the trend for Chinese brand to popular in the whole world!

With years‘ experience of international vehicle trading and smooth cooperation with Chinese Automotive Manufacturers, we got trust from several manufacturers to authorize us as their exporter, even exclusive exporter, in certain countries or regions, especially for MENA (Mid-east and North Africa). Our main automotive trade items as bellowing:

With 4X2 or 4X4, AT or MT, from 1.5 L to 2.5L, economic specs or High-end specs, both diesel and gasoline are available. We have experience to make vehicle running very well in MENA, also we can support our customer with proved marketing and selling strategy;

Our products, similar as Mercedes Uni Mok and Hamvee, from China, which has been proved to be better than Hamvee in international markets. We have exported to many countries with very high reputation, meeting both private and military demands.

We are professional and well experienced in Automotive fields, except above business, we also provide bellowing service for foreign companies:

1. Chinese Automotive Manufacturer Sourcing: there are many automotive manufacturers in China, with plenty of different products. We almost have all contacts with them, and knowing their products very well. So we can provide precise information and analysis according to customers' needs;
2. Business Plan: we know how Chinese do business, so we can make better business plan from both sides to make cooperation much smoother;
3. Schedule Plan: if our customer has plan to visit China or several pointed Chinese manufacturers, we can provide service during the whole period;

Sincerely welcome all customers to contact us for cooperation or communication!!!